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Roofing FAQ

1. What if it rains while you’re on my roof?
If rain is in the forecast, Scheinfield Contractors will be prepared to protect your entire roof on short notice. You will not have leaks, even from the fiercest storm.

2. How do I know your price is right?
First of all, Mike Scheinfield does all the estimating himself. After a careful analysis of the job, he bases his bid on a detailed breakdown of all materials and labor that will be required to do your roof. Mike certainly doesn’t “wing it.” He knows that he’s giving fair estimates, and he always invites customers to compare Scheinfield Contractors prices with those of other qualified roofing contractors. If you need any help understanding Mike’s numbers, he’s always happy to explain them.

3. Are there any hidden costs?
No hidden costs. However, nobody can predict exactly what condition your roof-deck and rafters are really in until the old shingles are pulled off. For example, we may discover rot from a small but persistent leak. So the job may cost more than the original estimate. Mike will always try to explain to you in advance what the worst case scenarios might be, and let you know what your options are, should the project require unexpected repairs

4. How long is the warranty on your work?
Ten years. You will receive a written warranty when the job is completed. If any of our workmanship causes your roof to leak, Scheinfield Contractors will repair the problem free of charge. Our flat roofs are warrantied for five years.

5. What about my expensive landscaping and shrubs? Will I be left with a mess in my yard?
Removing an old roof is a dirty job. But roofers don’t have to leave a mess when the job is done. Scheinfield Contractors takes precautions to protect your property. For example, we will build plywood boxes around shrubs that might be in harm’s way – and we promise to leave your yard as clean as we found it. If you have any doubt, please just ask our existing customers!

6. How long will it take?
It takes about one week (weather permitting) to remove an old roof and add a new one onto the average Main Line home. Scheinfield Contractors has several crews, and the crew assigned to you will stay with your house until the job is done. When we meet with you to review our estimate, we will also provide a schedule of how long the project will take.